Campus Safety Information and Resources

Campus Safety Information and Resources

Know What to Do in an Emergency

Those in active or imminent danger will receive emergency alerts with instructions – evacuate, seek shelter, or lockdown. The breadth and timing of notification for any type of emergency will depend upon the individual incident.

To prepare yourself in advance for a lockdown, we recommend watching the informative video "Surviving an Active Shooter Event" prepared by Ready Houston.

Run, Hide, Fight

You will receive this notice if there is an active shooter or other violence on campus.


  • Run away if you know what/where the threat is or hide where you are, being sure to silence cell phones, lock or barricade doors, turn out lights, remain quiet, and prepare to fight to defend yourself using whatever you can to survive.
  • Warn others if possible.
  • Help the wounded when you can do so safely. Apply direct pressure and first aid techniques.
  • Wait for official notice via RAVE alert to resume activities.

Evacuate Emergency Icon


You will receive this notice if there is danger inside or near the building.


  • Leave the building; do not use elevators.
  • Assist the disabled.
  • Take your cell phone and valuables with you.
  • Be aware of outside threats/attacks as you exit.
  • Proceed to an area that has suitable cover (brick and mortar) in case of an exterior attack.
  • Wait for official notice before attempting to re-enter the building.

Seek Shelter Emergency Icon

Seek Shelter

You will receive this notice if there is severe weather or an environmental danger outside. 


  • Seek shelter inside a building and remain there.
  • Go to the lowest level of the building and stay in interior hallways away from glass doors and windows.
  • Monitor TV or website news, if possible.
  • Wait for official notice to resume normal activities.