Emergency Response and Alerts

How You'll Be Notified of Emergencies

  • Emergency Alerts

    The college uses outdoor sirens and the RAVE notification system to alert students and employees of emergency situations and campus closings. The RAVE system sends notifications via phone calls, text messages, emails, and on-campus computer monitors. Update your contact information or sign up to receive text messages in the RAVE system here.

    To learn more about RAVE Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, or to opt out of notifications after you have signed up, please visit:

    Rave Terms of Use
    Rave Privacy Policy

  • Severe Weather Procedures

    Both of SMC’s campuses have been certified StormReady by the National Weather Service (NWS). This means that SMC has outstanding weather monitoring and reporting systems in place, including 24/7 monitoring of NWS alerts. 

    If the weather becomes severe enough to pose a threat to those on campus, a notification will be sent to all student and employee emails and phone numbers on file through the RAVE notification system. The RAVE notification system is linked to the NWS so that alerts issued by the NWS are automatically sent to students and employees via RAVE.

    Tornado warnings will be broadcast through sirens. For more on tornado procedures, watch this video.

  • Snow Closings

    If campuses close due to inclement weather, a notification will be sent through RAVE as described in Emergency Alerts.

  • Active Violence Procedures

    If there is an active violence situation on campus, the college will issue a RUN, HIDE, FIGHT directive.

    • Run away if you know what/where the threat is, or
    • Hide where you are, being sure to silence cell phones, lock or barricade doors, turn out lights, remain quiet, and
    • Prepare to fight to defend yourself using whatever you can to survive.
    • Help the wounded when you can do so safely. Apply direct pressure and first aid techniques. AED boxes throughout campus have Bleeding Control Tourniquets in them.
    • Don’t come back or leave a hiding place until notified through the SMC ALERT system to resume activities.

    The Active Shooter Response Video explains the procedure in more detail.