SMC Student Services stay in touch with students through various activities throughout the year.

Student Services

Academic Advising and Resource Center (AARC)

The AARC (pronounced “arc”) is your go-to resource for degree requirements/planning, class registration, transfer options, and career opportunities. You'll work with your academic advisor throughout your time at SMC to help make sure you're staying on track toward your goals.

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Advisor sitting with a student and showing them a brochure about a program

First Year Experience (FYE)

FYE helps you navigate your first year at SMC, facilitating New Student Orientation and first-year programming.

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Office of First Year Experence in the David C. Briegel Building


The bookstore on the Dowagiac campus is where you can buy textbooks, SMC apparel and accessories, technology and other items.

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SMC Bookstore at the SMC Dowagiac Campus

Career Development Office

Located in the Academic Advising and Resource Center on the Dowagiac Campus, the office serves all SMC students. It provides resources and assistance as students pursue internships and full-time employment.

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Students interacting with companies at career fair

Carole A. Tate Teaching and Learning Center

Struggling with a class? Need to brush up on your math skills? Get free tutoring and writing assistance--in-person or online--at the Teaching and Learning Center. 

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Students tutoring in the learning center

Disability Services

SMC was founded on the principle of knowledge for all. Disability Services exists to fulfill that mission by making SMC resources accessible for those with disabilities. 

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Clipboard with a piece of paper that says disability services

Fred L. Mathews Library

The full-service library provides access to computers and printers. They also maintain a collection of the latest and best movies, music and books for consuming at your leisure.

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Circulation desk in the Fred L. Mathews Library

Mental Health Support

Nothing matters more for your well-being and academic success than your mental health. SMC, in partnership with United Way, provides free teletherapy sessions for students, available through BetterMynd. It takes five minutes to register, select a counselor, and book your first session using any device with internet access. Learn more and register with BetterMynd.

SMC offers teletherapy for students.

Transfer Resource Services 

Decoding university transfer guides can be tricky. Let us take care of that for you. Transfer Resource Services can help you choose a transfer school and select courses that will transfer there. 

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A Ferris State University transfer advisor meets with a student